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Foot Overview

Foot & Ankle surgery has emerged as a sub-specialist area within Orthopaedic Surgery. Over the last decade there has been an emergence of an increasing number of surgeons who have specialist expertise and are trained in current techniques to help restore normal foot and ankle function.


Foot and ankle arthritis differs in a major way from the hip or knee where end stage arthritis is treated by joint replacement surgery, in that the mainstay of surgery is fusion, though with increasing success the ankle and great toe joint can be replaced.

Fusion, which may sound to be rather drastic, when carefully selected would not normally lead to marked stiffness nor limp, though offers an excellent method of obtaining pain relief.

However, in many people foot and ankle arthritis progresses at a particularly slow rate and there are many manoeuvres including orthotics, joint injections or keyhole surgery which will relieve pain. Injections can be performed in the outpatient setting and keyhole surgery (ankle and great toe) is performed as day case surgery, has a short rehabilitation period and allows minimal disruption to working lives.

Injury and Pain

Ankle sprains are probably the most common injury to the foot and ankle. The majority of injuries these settle with time and physiotherapy though a small number of patients fail to full settle. Current techniques of MRI (MR arthography), CT scanning, ultrasound and bone scanning offer accurate diagnoses.

Many foot and ankle injuries be that joint surface injuries, tendon injuries or fractures should be considered a specialist area.

Many people simply develop a painful foot or a foot deformity over time. Consultation with a surgeon with sub-specialty training in foot and ankle disorders will allow appropriate investigation, modern treatment and allowing a return to normal activities.


As with all medical conditions you should discuss this with your GP who will be able to offer initial advice.

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