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Mr Maxwell consults at the Ramsay Oaklands Hospital Salford.

During the consultation you should discuss your problems and expectations. Many simple procedures, such as injections, can be performed at the time of your initial consultation. With surgery you will be advised of the various alternatives. Should there be any particular risks associated with an operation these will be explained. You will also be given details of your expected post operative recovery, how much time will be spent in plaster and an estimate of the time you will require from work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who performs foot surgery?
Foot surgery can be performed a variety of specialists including orthopaedic surgeons, general surgeons and podiatrists. A qualified doctor will be registered with the GMC (General Medical Council). An Orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon will have a qualifications in surgery (FRCS) and have a further qualification in orthopaedic surgery (FRCS Orth). Many foot surgeons will have had further specialised training in foot and ankle surgery and will be members of a specialised foot society.
What are the complications of surgery?
With any operation there are risks, though these should be weighed against the severity of your problem. In foot surgery where you have undergone an operation on a bone there is a small risk that the bones may not heal on the first occasion and that a re-operation is necessary. Possible complications should be discussed with your surgeon.
Can surgery be performed at my convenience?
Foot surgery is performed after careful consideration of the expected outcomes. Our surgeon operates on a regular basis offering flexibility to book your surgery at a mutually convenient time.
Who will look after me during my hospital stay?
Your consultant surgeon will be responsible for your surgery and will look after you post operatively. Whilst in hospital a consultant anaesthetist will discuss and administer your anaesthetic. On the ward you will be cared for by nurses with expertise in foot surgery and a resident doctor is available 24 hours a day.
I am not insured, how much will it cost?
Mr Maxwell provides NHS consultations at the Oaklands Hospital. Your General Practitioner will be able to advise whether you can be referred. Should you be a self-pay patient the Oaklands Hospital has a fixed price schemes which should allow you to accurately budget for any proposed surgery.



As with all medical conditions you should discuss this with your GP who will be able to offer initial advice.

For further information please contact our Practice Manager on 0161 728 5994 or use our on-line enquiry form. Alternatively, you may book an appointment with Mr Maxwell at the Oaklands Hospital.